Predesign phase

At this phase the primary objective is to arrive at a clearly defined, feasible concept while exploring the most promising alternative design solution.

The following criteria should be met prior to beginning the development of the predesign phase:

    • Board characteristics we want to obtain (in terms of speed / stability / manoeuvrability / buoyancy / etc..)

    • Preliminary Weight budget

    • Anticipated construction cost

    • .

Design phase

During the design phase , major emphasis is upon 3D modelling and dimensioning of the whole internal wood structure.

For three-dimensional modelling we chose “BoardCAD”, an amazing open-source shaping software.

Generally we invests countless hours inside BoardCAD before reach exactly the shape we have in mind. Every single parameters(outline / rocker / rails – tail shapes…etc..) can be 100% customized.

3D modelling

Everywhere is possible to know geometrical dimension of section including area and volume data.

Final work is very accurate! Next step is to extract 3D model in CAD extension (step or DWG) in order to continue working with traditional CAD software for the construction drawings.

Before pass through next design phase we have to extract 2D profile for each section (lateral and long) we need including outline.

2D section extraction

Construction documents phase

This phase include preparation of detailed working drawing (named blueprints) we will use to establish actual construction project.

Rails and Deck/Bottom thickness

Each 2D section must be completed in accordance with the internal structure in accordance to the actual size of the components to be used.

The first thing to decide is the configuration of the rails and the deck/bottom thickness.

The project proceeds to the next step drawing general arrangement of internal structures in accordance to the wood we decide to use.

2D sections filled with internal structures

This should be as complete and accurate as possible, each component is part of the framework and must be so arranged as to create a solid structure that will support the surfer weight.

Moreover, to cut down the weight , we foreseen to remove material where possible by holes where the structure is less stressed.

to be continued.......