giovedì 17 maggio 2012


BUILDING RAILS (Work time – 30 min + 24 h glue drying time each layer !)

Finally we start building rails…!
We have to glue two layers of Samba plywood and five layers of cork, total 30mm thickness each side.
At this stage the board is ready for building rails

First samba layer has to be drilled to save weight

Protect bottom & deck with paper and to glue first layer using big elastics and some weight to maintain desired shape during dry time (24 H)

First layer and pressing technique

First layer and pressing technique
Remove as material as possible to the first layer

Apply glue to the first layer
Second layer pressed with the same pressing technique

Once glued remove extra wood 

Lay down roll of cork on each side to take the template to cut off, after to apply glue and press it waiting 24 H for drying. Repeat the sequence for each cork layer.

Cork cutting operation

First cork layer glued and clamped

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