sabato 19 maggio 2012


SHAPING RAILS 1 of 2 (Work time – 3-4 h each side)

After gluing all layers it’s time to progress to one of the most important part of the board…the rail shape is closely related to the performance and manoeuvrability.
For this step is fundamental to follow strictly the design and to have in mind exactly the building procedure.
In summary we have take 6(six) section each 30cm and using CAD we have drawn for each section 3 triangles corresponding to the material to remove. After having marked the sections on the board we started to mark one point on deck and one on side corresponding to the hypotenuse of the first triangle.
To link all the points of the deck making a line and the same for the side.
Now…rasp away the triangle for all length.
A lot of work but it’ s amazing to see more and more the board take shape.

.... following pics shown our method: 

Take away extra material 

Six sections 

A long splint is very useful to link all points

Rail marked and ready for rasping 

First step completed

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